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The PCO Youth Baseball League was established to provide a baseball program where each participant can learn and have fun playing the game of baseball.  The League is played at the PCO Youth Baseball Dolese Park Complex.  It is located just west of N.W. 50th and Meridian .

The league is divided into divisions according to age.  The players’ age as of April 30 is his playing age. 


Age 4 and under;

Age 5 and under;

Age 6 and under;

Coach Pitch

Age 7 and under;

Age 8 and under;

Pee Wee – regular pitch baseball

      Age 9 and under;

      Age 10 and under;

Midget regular pitch baseball

            Age 11 and under;

Age 12 and under;

Prep – regular pitch baseball

            Age 13 and under;

Age 14 and under;

For T-Ball through Pee Wee all games are at theDolese Park Complex.  PCO and another association, PCAA, interlock in the Midget and Prep age groups.  As a result, some games in the Midget and Prep age groups may be at the PCAA Complex located at Hefner Parkway and Britain Road.  

The League fee is $25 per player.    The uniform is a team expense.  There can be no tobacco or alcohol advertising on the uniform.   Admission to games is $3.00 for adults – ages 16 to 60.  Team equipment, other than uniforms, is provided.

All coaches are volunteers and in most cases are dads.  The head coach is expected to be National Youth Sports Coaching Association certified.

Games start with an in park Round Robin.  It runs for two weeks starting around the last or next to last week in March.  One to three games are played in the Round Robin.

The league season starts around the first or second week in April and ends July 3.  The league season should consist of fourteen to sixteen games.  Games can be any night of the week, Monday through Friday, or during the day on Saturday.

The month of July is considered “tournament month”.  The tournaments during “tournament month” will be offered for the various age groups and participation is voluntary.

 National Federation of State High School Associations Baseball Rules are the base set of rules.  Some local exceptions to these rules are made to make the game more compatible to the youth baseball environment.