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3GG Saturday Only Festival Dates ($80/Team)
Dates Festival Ages
Mar 9 Early Bird Round Robin Brackets All Ages
Apr 6 "The Ricky Bobby"Brackets All Ages
Apr 13 "One Day Challenge" All Ages
Apr 20 "Step to the Plate" All Ages
May 4 "May is Here" All Ages
May 11 "Mom's Day Festival" All Ages
Jun 1 "Bring the Heat" All Ages
Jun 15 "Dad gets a Day 2" All Ages

Saturday & Sunday Events
Dates Event Ages Cost
Apr 27-28 Let's Get It 5gg Round Robin T-Ball - 10U $120
May 18-19 Time To Play 7gg Round Robin 12U - 18U $200
Jun 8-9 Spark 4gg Single Elimination All Ages $150
Jun 22-23 Prep Days 4gg Double Elimination 10U - 18U $250

 Tournament Fees/Info
Teams that participate in PCO Softball League will receive 50% off of their tournament event entry fee.
 For more tournament information contact:
Mobile E-mail
Wade Hart 405-203-3457
   Registration Deadline:
The registration deadline is the Wednesday before the start of the tournament.
The tournament schedule will be e-mailed to the address used for registration.

Registration Form:

Name of Team Age Tournament Date
Coach or Manager Home Phone Mobile Phone
Address City State
Zip E-Mail